Her condition worsens and her humanity seems to fade away entirely.

In the final episodes of the anime, she appears to be nothing more than a cold, ruthless machine that delights in her growing, destructive powers and killing people without mercy. Throughout the story, she tries to come to terms with her body while still trying to convince herself that she is still human.

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In the OVA, one English speaking soldier from 'The Combined Forces' claims that Chise destroyed his home town. Chise is a shy, clumsy girl with very little self-esteem and has poor grades in everything except for World History.

She was constantly hospitalized in Tokyo during her elementary years, and thus, has very few friends (except for Akemi).

The only weapon of mass destruction observed in both the anime and manga was Chise herself, who by the middle of the story had the power to destroy entire cities and did so on a fairly regular basis.

In more than one battle over a Japanese city, Chise simply vaporized the city and most of the people in it.

Although who the Japanese are fighting is never explicitly explained, in one episode an enemy plane is shot down near the city and the pilot's one or two lines are in near perfect American English.

In the manga and OVA, Chise speaks to some English speaking enemy soldiers (with various accents), saying that she does not know much English, and later in the series there are some enemy soldiers that speak French.

Chise, a fellow student in his class, declares her love for Shuji at the beginning of the series.

However, Chise is very shy and Shuji is insensitive: neither know how to express their feelings very well, but they do indeed have feelings for each other.

She was turned into the ultimate weapon against her will and the series revolves around her and her fading humanity.