Perhaps a clearer name for the course would've been "Dominant Attraction Power".

The main concepts and ideas (Vision, Compliance, Shaping and Sexual Tension) are described and explained in the audio package you receive the first day you sign up for the program.

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Witnesses to the weight and catch CANNOT be the same persons.

The series is developed by the same team from VICELAND that’s already producing Bronson’s food and travel TV show, “F–k, That’s Delicious.” The new show is the first of several VICE has planned for Snapchat.…

Results show that there were more couples where one partner was dominant than where they were equal.

In November 2000, The shut down operations, providing an opportunity for Ask Men to become the largest men's lifestyle website online.

If you really want to get a handle on his teachings go to listern to his show.

I ordered Doc Love's material after reading and reading the website.

Under the category of Modern is the sub-category of Ranch.

One of the examples on page 480 (see above) in particular looked very familiar.

I imagine he puts on a good show, so you walk out of his seminars thinking you learned something, but there is no way you could possibly call this an actual system, if by system you mean complete and useful.