The athlete founded the Lance Armstrong Foundation, which became instantly recognized by the yellow Livestrong wristbands that became globally popular, in 2004.Armstrong has three children – Luke, born in October 1999, and twins Isabelle and Grace, born in November 2001 – with his former wife, Kristin Richards.He dated singer Sheryl Crow, who he was engaged to in September 2005 (the couple split in February 2006) and actress Kate Hudson.

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The couple met through Armstrong’s charity work and officially started dating in July 2008. Despite the controversy surrounding Armstrong over the past few years, Hansen stuck by his side.

It’s something that he has talked about on social media from time to time, especially earlier this year when the two celebrated their 9-year anniversary.

At the time, Hansen agreed to lie for him and take the blame so that the incident wouldn’t gain national attention.

Hansen’s original story claims that she was driving the couple’s SUV that night, but three days later on December 31, Hansen was questioned and changed her story, saying that Armstrong was driving the car that night.

Although she doesn’t post excessively on social media, Hansen has used the various platforms to post about things that are important to her.

In March 2017, for example, Hansen took to Instagram to support “Idea Schools.” “Beautiful day in Austin supporting @ideaschools.

According to USA Today, he paid 8.50 to cover court fees and a 0 traffic fine.

Despite the lies that she told in an effort to protect her boyfriend, Hansen was not charged.

In February 2015, Armstrong mailed in a guilty plea on a careless driving charge.

The additional charges brought against him (failing to report an accident and speeding too fast for conditions) were dropped as part of a plea deal.

All children should have access to a great education, regardless of their race, or the zip code they live in,” she captioned the photo.