You can’t control what they’re gonna do or so and I think that’s what makes them so wonderful and so frustrating.: Not really. I’m not a magician, but I wanna be able to bring something to it that’s different and that feels true so that people can feel that they’re watching a person and not an actor, y’know?So I don’t really compare it to other characters.: It’s really weird. Not only is it a gnome, but it’s a hypothetical gnome. I mean you just have to tap into more esoteric feelings of fear, rather than the literal actual goblin itself.: I’m doing a play right now called Dead Man’s Cell Phone. Directed by Anne Bogart Two really, really interesting women, which is why I wanted to do a good job. It’s the longest I’ve gone since I was 17 without having done a play and I really desperately …Everyone was kind of struggling, and she was part of the struggle.

I knew Freddie first, he was the first name that I heard and I thought he was amazing.

And I know David Strathairn, we’re friends, so that just all made it really attractive to me. I mean you just never know what’s gonna happen, I think, with kids, they’re all so different.

(laughs) I swear to God, honestly, I was going around saying, “This could be me, right? There’s a tension at the beginning that we see, and I think these are real kids who are in real family hard situations and they are thrown into this world that I think any New Yorker would just try and get out of it. When I did the screen test, I remember going in and Sarah was there and I thought she was really great, and I realised we were both non-Americans.

I didn’t think they’d cast two non-Americans to play the Americans, so I thought I hadn’t got it. It was all improvisation, there was no sequence created.

Some of the time they’d go over someone else’s shoulder and they had this team of 10 or so doubles at various points.: Freddie actually got it down to fine T; he was in and out of makeup in like 29 seconds, I think we got it down to. I mean, we did have some splitscreens and the tennis ball was our best friend at the end of the day, because it would be our eye line for the opposite twin, although we did, as Freddie said, had a double for the opposite twin, just to act off and look at, which was fine.

Actually it worked out much better; I think the goblins were trickier.

I mean, they’re like little movie stars and they’re not…

they have great parents too, so I’m sure that’s part of it. I liked that she was she was just sort of wildly imperfect and struggling, y’know?

If there was ever a moment where I thought it wasn’t fun anymore, y'know, you didn’t want to go in in the morning and do it, you should move aside because there’s so many people who’d love to be in the position I’m in.

I’m lucky to be here and they’d come in and take my place. On Charlie, in fact most the sets were built and there weren’t sort of goblins and trolls running around.

But for sure you’re impressed; you’re obviously having fun every day.