My father had had some renovations done to the master bath in his and my mother's bedroom (which is now my bedroom). Each girl brought her hands to her hair and brushed it back behind their heads as they stood, naked and side-by-side; showering me with the glory of their naked and feminine forms. The twins began to moan as if I was actually caressing and squeezing their boobs.

They are MINE." And as I stared into the shower, a shower that had not seen a female form in years, my eyes were drawn to the two beautiful blonde twins slowly turning in my direction. Any one of us could have opened the shower door at that point, but we didn't.

" The other girl gestured to my crotch, and I realized that I had been stroking the length of my cock up and down for...well, I didn't exactly know how long I'd been doing it for. All eyes were focused on the glass between us as I ran my fingers over it; trying to grip and squeeze their boobs though an easily overcome barrier.

I began to bring my fingers together over the glass; gripping it as if I was gripping their huge tits.

"I wasn't masturbating; I was just practicing for when I shower you two busty sluts in my cum." Both girls went wide eyed and their mouths hung agape as they gawked at me from the other side of the glass. My hands instinctively reached out and touched the glass where their breasts were.

While she was busy on her knees the girl that was standing up began to jiggle her boobs against the glass as she pressed them against it.

It was so alluring that I took to pressing my face into them from the other side once more.

We all stepped forward simultaneously, again and again.

The twins had been deliberately stroking my ego every chance they'd had for a while now, and I was simply buying into it. By taking my hand off my cock I was informing them that I was no longer going to make myself cum ever again; from now on, that was their job.

She then pressed her rack against the glass and began sliding her tits up until it was level with my cock on the other side.