The Sustainable Energy Forum is being organised with two main objectives: Cuba is calling foreign investors to take a serious look at the investment opportunities on offer as included in the “CUBA: Portfolio of Opportunities for Foreign Investment 2016-2017” which includes renewable energy project opportunities in wind, solar PV, hydro and biomass.The Cuban Government: It is expected that up to 100 participants, including policymakers, energy companies (including manufacturers and technology providers, developers, investors), financiers and funds, EU Member States and international organisations will attend the event.

Since the start in Berlin 1998, the FENS Forum has established itself as the largest Neuroscience event in Europe.

Taking place in even years, the FENS Forum rotates between different European countries and attracts more than 6000 international delegates.

In the face of continuing government opposition, Cuban Christians serve Jesus with a joy I cannot describe in words.

I’ve preached on six continents and can testify that the church in Cuba is more like the New Testament church than any I have encountered anywhere.

The rewards for taking a trip here are unparalleled in my opinion.

And there were also some days where I thought I think this would be my last trip there.

Thankfully those days were very few and only occurred due to Cuba being such a strange and sometimes unpredictable place.

Here's what I experienced and here are my suggestions for the trip: : First thing that comes to mind is the fact that Cuba is ridiculously hot.

A new convergence of interests between the EU and Cuba now exists and the EU has an important leading role to play.

I have been to Cuba eight times over the last sixteen years, so the passing of Fidel Castro was especially significant for me.

The trip I'll admit was probably the most challenging trip I've taken.