Her performance also was considered a strong rebuke to Russian President Vladimir Putin's 2014 military push into Ukraine, according to European media reports. Eurovision has always been a stage for outlandish costume design.Here, Croatia's Nina Kraljic rehearses during the jury show Monday, May 9, in Stockholm, Sweden.

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We believe that high-quality education in life, relational, and job skills, as well as character development in a friendly atmosphere will provide for underprivileged children and youth at risk the chance they need to become productive, caring, well-balanced men and women, changing the pattern for the next generation.

Children from crises families are in danger of being taken away from their parents by force and put in a public orphanage system that will ruin their lives.

But I could not in my wildest dreams imagine that they would be so on their feet and dancing and having such a good time.""I really want peace and love to everyone," Jamala said as she accepted the winner's trophy.

Later, at the news conference, she said: "I was sure that if you sing, if you talk about truth, it can really touch people.

About myself Im honest and very easy-going, I really love communicate with people.

I think Im very optimistic person who could reach those things which she wants.Jamala of Ukraine on Sunday won the immensely popular Eurovision Song Contest with a somber, controversial tune that evokes Moscow's deportation of members of her Crimean ethnic group during World War II.She sang "1944," a song about the deportation of Crimean Tatars by the Soviet Union on orders of Josef Stalin.In response to this need we provide job skills training (haircutting, nail service, cooking, etc.) along with character development courses.This results in job placement or self employment protecting disadvantaged young adults from misery and exploitation and giving them a chance for a much better future!I dont afraid of difficulties but despite on this I want to be near real man who could keep of life dangerous....