Mikes Not Ready – Molly misunderstands Mike’s reasoning for not wanting to come inside her house after a date and breaks-up with him.After getting drunk in a bar, Mike reveals that he’s ashamed of his own body, and that’s the reason why he had been taking things too slow with Molly.

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To avoid getting too clingy, Molly tries to slow down, but it doesn’t help when Mike visits her in the school with a Teddy Bear.

Mikes New Boots – Molly gets mad when a blonde woman flirts with Mike at their Overeaters Anonymous meeting, and Mike introduces Molly to her as his “friend”.

First Valentine’s Day – Mike orders a special cake for Valentine’s day and ends up meeting the baker, who turns out to be Molly’s ex-fiancé, Kyle (Robert Gant).

He gets very upset because Molly never mentioned being engaged, but later discovers that Kyle is gay.

There are lots of one-liners that literally make me laugh out loud.

There is nothing offensive even though sex drugs and alcohol are referred to and represented, it’s not at all smutty. At an Overeaters Anonymous meeting, Molly sympathizes with Mike and invites him to come speak to her fourth grade class.

Peggy throws a birthday party for Dennis (William Sanderson), her boyfriend and Molly makes a cake.

After the party Peggy decides to give him a “birthday gift” and confides in Molly.

After leaving the bar, Mike, Carl, Samuel and the taxi driver, Undugu, go to Molly’s house where Mike decides to serenade Molly.

When he reaches her window, he tells her why he wasn’t ready to take the next step, and that he wants the first time to be very special.

Mike lives alone in an apartment but is regularly kept company by his best friend and partner in the police force Carl Mc Millan (Reno Wilson).