Without this grant I would be toothless in a year or so.Thank you so much for all your help Sincerely, To whom this may concern, My grandfather died with all his teeth and no cavities.I am honored and grateful for this wonderful opportunity you have provided for me.

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I cannot began to tell you how this will be a confidence buster to my moral and general health.

My determination and positive outlook and this life changing event is amazing.

It means the world to me and means more than oyu know with my over all health.

Dental work is so much more important than a lot of people think and should not be taken for granted.

It means the possibility to start and complete a cosmetic dentsitry grant project long over due.

I also want to thank everyone who helped me Sincerely, Thank you Oral Aesthetic Advocacy Group Inc.

I am truly thankful for the Cosmetic Dentistry Grant that I have been awarded.

This grant will allow me to restore and repair my teeth and to be more confident with my smile. Sincerely, To Whom It May Concern: I am a single mother of two who was in an abusive relationship when I younger which damaged my front teeth. I went over 20 years living with the insecurities of chipped front teeth; embarrassed of meeting new people,rarely smiling in public, wondering if my children are ashamed of me...

Now you have made this possible and I can enjoy the smile and ability to eat all foods without worry Thank you To whom this may concern, Thank you very much for the support I needed to complete my dental work.

I don't knowhow I could have had all the work done without the grant you provided.

I am humbled by the generosit of the foundation and how you are helping me take control of my life.