We'll ask you questions about your background and you will be free to ask us questions about the organization.By the end of the call (or as many follow-ups necessary), and if both parties agree, you'll be invited to complete your Property online profile.

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We are one of the fastest growing franchise systems in Canadian history.

Do I need a real estate license to operate a franchise? It does help to have a passion for people and properties though!

It all starts with completing our "Inquire Today" form on This website.

Once you send that to us our franchise team will call you to answer your questions, outline available opportunities and make sure that you are a good fit for our organization.

Depending on your level comfort and knowledge, the complete process can take as little as 30 days, but it's really driven by the level of your interest, and how many candidates we have looking at a specific area.

May I call existing franchise owners for more information? As you go through the awarding process, there will be the time to talk to other like-minded franchise operators.Our franchise team will match you up with franchisees with similar backgrounds who have volunteered to make time in their busy schedules to speak with potential franchisee candidates.As a new franchisee, what will I need to get started?We tell our franchise operators that we can't guarantee what we will look like tomorrow, but we do guarantee that we will be shooting to be the leader and constantly challenging the status quo. We are North America's largest private sale franchisor and we have over 100 franchise operators coast to coast.You can find our signs in over 600 communities across Canada.Today our brand and professionals is synonymous with our successful system for selling homes privately. Property is changing how real estate is bought and sold. We're something very different - something much better, a network of professional people on the ground in communities all across the country that provides a safe and practical way for buyers and sellers to connect and avoid the high cost of commission. Property is Canada's only full-service, private sale franchisor.