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* Add, edit and delete wallpapers. Yoco.rar Menu 1.0.0 (Flashloaded)Thumb Nailer Pro 1.5.0 (Flashloaded)multi Video Player_applet_v1 (Tu Fat)image Loader 1.1.5 (Flashloaded)Flash Text Editor 1.0.1 (Flashloaded)Flashblocks Developer 1.4.2f CMS (Flashloaded)Bit. Set.v.1.3.0 (Flashloaded)360Pan Viewer PRO (Flashloaded)bounce Menu 1.4.0 (Flashloaded)page Flipper 2.2 (Flashloaded)Hello Guys.. Since then, techniques and technology have both moved forward, and here at 3DTotal we felt that although the original collection is still widely used and highly regarded among artists and studios of all calibers, it was time for an update…This enormously improved version of the original texture collection now contains 188 individual Materials, comprising of over 1300 individual, hand crafted texture maps and are all fully tileable.

The Original Total Texture collection was created in 2001, utilising the best methods and technology of the time. Content: 16 African Textures 30 Aztec Textures 35 Celtic & Viking Textures 16 Chinese Textures 25 Egyptian Textures 56 Greek & Roman Textures 8 Indian & Islamic Textures 12 Japanese Textures 23 Medieval Textures 15 Moorish Textures 16 Native American Textures 24 Neanderthal Textures __________ 10.

* Social bookmarking icons displayed on Wallpaper view.

* Auto thumbnail creation – No longer do you have to manually create those annoying thumbnails. * New Bulk Upload Feature – Upload hundreds of wallpaper at any one time. These Panorama’s have been exclusively created for this collection and will not be resold or given away anywhere else.

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Content: 31 Creature Eyes 11 Creature Fur 2 Creature Miscellaneous 6 Creature Scales 14 Creature Skin (Body) 27 Creature Skin (Facial) 16 Human Eyes 2 Human Hair 12 Human Misc (Body) 24 Human Misc (Facial) 47 Human Skin (Abnormal) 2 Human Skin (Old) 13 Human Skin (Tatoo) 34 Human Skin (Young) 15 Human Skin (Reference) __________ 5.