NRS 360.140 Organization of Department; hiring and assignment of employees.

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TITLE 32 - REVENUE AND TAXATION CHAPTER 360 - GENERAL PROVISIONS DEFINITIONS NRS 360.001 Department and Executive Director defined. ADMINISTRATION NRS 360.010 Nevada Tax Commission: Creation; composition; Chair. NRS 360.030 Limitations on appointment of commissioners; terms; removal from office. NRS 360.070 Location of office of Nevada Tax Commission. NRS 360.090 Adoption of regulations by Nevada Tax Commission governing business of Commission and Department.

NRS 360.092 Adoption of regulations by Nevada Tax Commission for electronic submission of returns and remission of payments by credit card, debit card or electronic transfer of money.

NRS 360.265 Power of Nevada Tax Commission regarding uncollectible debts.

NRS 360.270 Enumerated powers do not exclude necessary and proper power of Nevada Tax Commission or Department.

NRS 360.236 Overpayments: Credit against other amounts due required before any refund.

NRS 360.238 Department may charge fee for returned checks.

NRS 360.205 Power of Department to deny license, registration or permit to applicant who is liable to Department.

NRS 360.210 Power of Department to appraise and assess property.

NRS 360.261 Duty of Department to report to Legislature certain decisions or agreements concerning collection of sales and use taxes.