If your business operates nationwide, a toll free or 800 phone number is a way to separate yourself from any local area code.Traditionally, these numbers allowed customers to call your business without incurring long distance charges.

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Today, they’re generally sought-after to give your business a larger and more professional brand image.

Toll free numbers can begin with 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, and 844.

You can set up a separate voicemail greeting for your business line, and even turn your number on and off.

So, for example, if you don’t want to take business calls over the weekend, you can set your business line to automatically hit voicemail.

For example, most business phone providers, like Vonage, will let you pick a vanity number for free (or small extra monthly charge), but you’ll likely need to use some numbers in combination with words, such as 1-800--TAXI.

To get a full phrase like 1-800-TAXICAB you’ll likely need to use a more specialized service like Ringboost and pay a larger sum of anywhere from – 0 per month.

The main downside to Google Voice is that only certain area codes are available.

During my test run, for example, there wasn’t anything available in Chicago’s primary area code of 312, although there were numbers available with suburban area codes 630 and 779.

Visit Ring Boost A vanity number can be either a local or toll-free number, although typically toll-free numbers are used.

Google Voice will let you pick a local vanity number for free, so it may be worth checking there first.

At the same time, you’ll continue receiving calls to your personal number.