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However, it should be a bargain to grab a kiss under the mistletoe.

A mild autumn and above-average temperatures in November have produced a glut of the glistening white-berried plant, and the wholesale price is expected to be just 45p per pound.

The most hilarious thing I can recall recently was a semi professional tennis lady, had torn a muscle in her shoulder.

While I was massaging her, she drifted off but woke herself up with the loudest trump I had ever heard!

He will say they have pocketed ‘tax cuts and bumper salaries while millions have struggled and been held back’.

His plans include restoring the 50p top rate of tax and slashing the threshold for 45p tax from £150,000 to just £80,000.

As a masseur, people place a lot of trust in me, because basically, I am in charge of their recovery and how quickly I can mend their bodies.