Portugal possesses a high plain of varying height intersected by deep valleys.

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Barranquenho, Minderico and Mirandese are either spoken rarely or in a concentrated area like Barrancos and Miranda do Douro.

Brazilian Portuguese and languages native to Cape Verde, Ukraine, Angola, Guinea, the UK and Romania are also spoken widely due to the larger immigration of people from these particular places, along with other mostly European countries.

Lufthansa flies several times daily from Frankfurt, Hamburg and Munich to Lisbon (LIS), on Saturdays from Frankfurt and Munich to Faro (FAO) and twice daily from Frankfurt to Porto (OPO).

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Porto is also situated on the coast in the northwest of the country.

Smaller Faro nestles on the southern end of the country, its airport a busy hub for Algarve sunseekers and swathes of golfers looking for year-round sun.

The only country it shares a border with is neighbour Spain to the north and the east, with the Atlantic Ocean hugging its 800km (500-mile) coastline to the south and west.

It has a land mass of 89,000 sq km (34,400 sq miles) with the Portuguese islands of the Azores and Madeira boosting that by another 3,100 sq km (1,200 sq miles).

Follow the road from Faro to Lisbon to Porto along the Atlantic coast, and you will be treated to some of Portugal’s loveliest sights.

We meet a cheese maker, a singer and a surfer who turned a crisis into an opportunity.

Over half the country is used for agriculture, though the soil is much richer for cultivation in the greener north.